Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

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Hi, I'm Tisha with Enchanted 3 Boutique. While reflecting on the past 5 years of my life I noticed a theme. Whenever my life was about to be changed in a significant way, I had the same thought every time. I am just too old for this. As age creeps up on us, anyone else feel like that. I am 38 now, and 40 is coming much faster than I am ready for. So I started wondering, have I let age hold me back from something I wanted. My initial thought was no, however the more I thought about it, the closer I came to the conclusion that yes I did. Have you held yourself back from something you wanted because you thought something similar? Let's change that way of thinking together and jump into the possibilities. 

I was in my mid-late thirties when I got married and had my two children. I had never planned on having any children and after I hit 30 I didn't plan to ever get married. I know it probably sounds strange or crazy to some of you, but I remember thinking, I'm now thirty and have no prospects of marriage on the horizon, so I am going to live my life because its just not in the cards for me. I was really ok with that. I took a new job, moved to a new city, found a great apartment, and focused on work and building a career. 

While I was working on building that career, I took a new job to enhance my skills in my career, in a new town. I was in town a week and due to start my new job in two days when I met the man that later became my husband. Fast forward a couple years, and we found ourselves pregnant. My first thought, I am too old for this. People told me that more and more women are having babies later in life. Then at my first doctors appointment the doctor told me I was considered a geriatric pregnancy. GERIATRIC! Even the doctor thinks I am too old for this! Turns out, I wasn't too old and even went on to have another baby two and a half years later. 

Which brings me to last year. When we started discussing the possibility of starting this business, again, my first thought was, I am too old for this. Starting over, with a new career, and being solely responsible (along with my partner) for its success or failure. It was terrifying but thrilling at the same time. The first time the idea about turning our crafting hobby into a business was mentioned, I dismissed it as just a pipe dream. Something I was too old, and did not have the energy to take on. Then we talked about it some again, and it started sounding like we were getting serious about it. We said we'd start with some craft shows and see how things go. Then Covid happened and our scheduled shows were cancelled. So we had a choice. Call it quits and try again when things start opening back up, which would mean I would be older Or get serious now and launch an online store. And here we are...

If I would have went with my first instinct, used the excuse that I am too old for this, we wouldn't be here, on the verge of a great first year. There are still things I have not pursued, because I feel like I am just too old. Finishing my degree is probably my biggest regret. As the years pass, and I think about it going back to school to finish, that thought just keeps running thru my mind. What are the things that you give up pursuing because you just think you are too old? Where would you be now if you did pursue them? 

Let's stop saying no, and start saying yes. So far, saying yes to Enchanted 3 Boutique is working out so far. I can say that this old dog did learn some new tricks, but sometimes I still slip into that old behavior. Hey, we are all a work in progress, right? We just have to keep trying and if you need some inspiration along the way check out our Live Edge Home Décor Collection. They keep me motivated. 

We would love to hear from you so leave a comment below telling us your story, how we are doing, or you would like to see in future blog posts. 

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