Can't Live Without Them

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All mothers deserve to be celebrated, whether you have kids, naturally, by C-section, or by surrogate. Whether those kids are adopted, fostered,  or just someone you took under your wing. Whether you had a miscarriage, stillbirth, or lost a child. Whether you are a dog mom, cat mom, bird mom, snake mom, or anything in between. Mother's day isn't about how you became a mother. Its about the value you bring to a life. I know I can't live without the mine!

Mothers are naturally known as nurturers and the soft side to the strong hard father figures, the Madonna watching quietly over her child. Well I am here to tell you that behind every mother there is steel that holds the family together. She may be the heart, but she is also the spine. Mothers are really great about turning their softness on and off. They are the ones that kiss scraped knees and cuddle before bed, but when one of their own is threatened, they fight like a demon to protect what's theirs. There is a reason why they say don't mess with a mama bear. 

I have been extremely lucky in my life because I have had the privilege to learn from some pretty amazing women! My mom has always been there. Anytime I have needed anything, money, a place to stay, a shoulder to cry on, advice, and countless other things she has come through, every single time. She has taught me that honesty, whether wanted or not, needs to be uncompromising. She taught me hard work, and the importance of family. My sisters and I were so fortunate because my mom was so close to her family. My grandparents were always there to give us a guiding hand. I learned so much of my baking skills from spending time in the kitchen with my grandma. Lord knows, I did not learn that from my! Not all of the lessons I learned from my mom came easily, and my mom is not shy about saying I told you! Which she has said, a lot! But they taught me how to be a better mother to my own kids, and they couldn't ask for a better grandma. 

My mother-in-law is the only one to understand what is like to raise a Peterson boy! My son is so much like his father, and she has already raised one, so her advice is a welcomed relief. The stories of Mike's trips to the ER has made me more watchful of Declan when he gets ideas that is going to lead me taking him to the! But they have also taught me that there will be bumps, bruises, broken bones but he’ll survive & so will I. 

So how do we celebrate these amazing women in our life? My family does a lot of BBQs. We get together and just enjoy spending time together. The go-to-gift for the mothers in my life are usually flower baskets. They enjoy them and I love picking them out! How do you celebrate the mothers in your life? Do you buy something, or do you go with something even better & make the gift. We'd love to hear from you! Comment below, and tell us how you are spending your Mother's Day! 

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