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Hi, I’m Tisha with Enchanted 3 Boutique. During the winter, when we can’t sit on the deck at the end of the day after the kids are in bed, TV often becomes our entertainment. Deciding what to watch is often a difficult feat for my husband, Mike and I, since we have very different tastes. This led me to ask the questions, first, does everyone have this much trouble picking something to watch, and second, what is everyone watching?

 We often just flip through the channels trying to settle on something we both would be interested in. We have a couple of shows that we DVR and watch together but those are few and far between. The Walking Dead and Last Man Standing reruns are usually our go-to choices. We both really liked Vikings and the Last Kingdom as well, but that is about where our shared interests end. 

I have shows that I like to watch that he has no interest in. In the past Mike has watched something that I suggested. He sat through the entire series of Bones. I love that show and can watch the same episodes over and over again. He watched them, but wasn't in love by any means. I have also watched every episode of Supernatural multiple times. I am and will forever be in love and mourning for Dean Winchester. Mike did not even make it through 1 episode. I have started watching the Prodigal Son but I haven't convinced him to watch that one. 

Mike tends to lean more towards shows like Tosh 2.0. I have absolutely no use for that show. I was surprised when I actually liked Gold Rush after Mike convinced me to watch it. Now, we watch a couple of different spin offs from the original. 

I will tell you we are both ready for long warm summer nights, when we can sit on the porch with a glass of wine or a cold bottle of beer and just enjoy the weather. But since the weather is not cooperating, proven by the snow being dumped on us after 50 degree days, I wonder what do you watch at night with your other half? How do you decide? 

We'd love to hear from you. Leave your comments below. Maybe one of your suggestions will be our next joint venture. While you are viewing your own choices why not do a little online shopping?  has beautiful live edge home décor and indulgent skincare products for your browsing pleasure.  

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