Finding Faith for Easter

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Hi, I’m Tisha with Enchanted 3 Boutique. With Easter being this Sunday, I started reflecting on what Easter really means. Everyone celebrates Easter differently, right? For some, its a fun day filled with egg hunts and Easter baskets brought by the Easter Bunny. For others, its a day of faith, filled with blessings and hope. For me, its always been about the fun, but now I am learning to make it about both, and I want to share with all of you my journey.

Growing up, I was raised to be Christian. My parents have never been devote of any one denomination, but we were raised to believe in God and the Bible. I also occasionally attended church with a close family friend and her mom and would go to vacation bible school with her in the summer. I didn’t question my beliefs, until I was a teenager. 

My Aunt, whom I was very close with, was diagnosed with cancer. She was the first person to let me drive with my learner’s permit after I had wrecked my dad’s truck! Lord knows, he wasn’t getting in a vehicle with me behind the wheel for awhile. We also had a standing Friday night date to watch Walker, Texas Ranger and The Magnificent Seven. We both loved those two shows and no one else wanted to watch them with us. She became very ill very quickly. I felt like I was told she was sick, and then within weeks, maybe days, and then I was told she wouldn’t make it. It was then, when I was told that she passed, that my faith was broken.

In my infinite teenage wisdom, I knew that if there was a God, he would not have put my family through this loss. So I declared myself an atheist, and threw myself wholeheartedly into science. I wouldn’t hear anything anyone had to say about creation and argued heatedly for the information I’d gathered about evolution. It was years until I would bend on the issue. 

At some point in my twenties, I can’t pin point it to any one particular event, but I found myself becoming a bit more open minded spiritually. It could be because I was traveling more, meeting new people from all over the world, sharing their experiences and beliefs, so I started to see that the world is full of infinite possibilities. I started looking closer at other cultures and their beliefs. It no longer made sense to me that science had all of the answers, but I was not to the point where I could believe in God, just that their may be a higher power, so I identified as agnostic. 

After that, I stopped really thinking about it. I was content to just exist with the knowledge that there was something bigger out there, and went on with my life. Then I met my husband, and we had 2 beautiful children so I felt it was time to reevaluate my beliefs again. It took some soul searching, and some self-reflection. I looked back at everything that had happened in my life, all of the things that I had been taught, and all of the things I had learned. 

I don’t believe I have all of the answers, but I can tell you that my faith in God is stronger today than it was yesterday, and it will be stronger tomorrow. I know that if I start to waiver in my faith, my family will be their to show me that its always there with me, even if I don’t always feel it. I also know that I’m still finding my way, and that’s ok. My beliefs might not be right for everyone, and that’s ok too. The important thing is to figure out what is right for you and your family, and always treat people with kindness now matter what either of you believe. Kindness crosses all religious and spiritual lines. 

Do you have stories you’d like to share? Comment below and tell us your journeys to faith. If you need some inspiration or some spiritual motivation check out our beautiful faith signs. Enchanted 3 Boutique wishes you all a Happy Easter!

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  • What a powerful blog! Thank you for being so open! It’s so hard to do!
    I too had a somewhat similar position on Faith. My parents were not devot but I was raised a Christian. I was raised that there is a God and that we were to do good unto others. As you did, I strayed from my Fath in my teen years. My family had been through many struggles and I thought, if there was a God, then he wouldn’t do this to us! Boy was I wrong. I believe I was agnostic in my twenties as well. I believed, but I surely did not live my life for God or with Him. I had some life changing events happen to me in my mid twenties that literally brought me to my knees and I can promise you that God saved me. It still took me a little bit to fully commit myself, I won’t lie. There were a lot of little strides I made to become closer to myself, my Faith and my family.
    If anyone is on the fence about trying to find their way I urge them to try. It’s not easy, and it will take time and patience with yourself. But I promise you that my life is a night and day difference from before I found my way. And I pray others do too. 💜

    Claire Peterson on

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