Love, Life Lessons, & Nightmares

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Hi, I’m Tisha, with Enchanted 3 Boutique. Growing up I always knew that my dad loved me, that he was invincible, & he was the coolest dad I knew. That has not changed in 38 years. I want to tell you about my dad. 

I had the best childhood! We grew up making memories, going camping, fishing, taking trips, exploring, mushroom hunting, going to the lake, deer hunting…there are so many! We spent a lot of time with family, my grandparents, aunts, uncles, & cousins. I can’t remember ever being unhappy, & that’s what you want as parents, right? That your kids are happy. Yes, I’m sure there were times when I was miserable because I didn’t get the Mac & Cheese for dinner that I wanted or the toy I wanted, but all of that fades away and is forgotten with just the happy memories remaining. In the memories, taking a staring role, is always my dad. 

My parents were young when they had me, only 17, still in high school. They took night school classes to earn their diplomas and got jobs to support their growing family. I don’t know if it even ever occurred to them to not have me or give me up for adoption. I never felt unwanted or unloved. They got married 11 months after I was born, just a few weeks after my dad turned 18. Some people said it wouldn’t last, or work. They were young, but 38 years of marriage, a home, 3 kids, 4 grandkids, and thousands of great memories say it is working. 

Since my parents were so young, they always seemed so cool. My dad had spiked hair (it was the 80s) and they had “wild” parties on the weekend. In my young mind they were wild, late night parties, but in reality they were just bon fires or playing cards with friends into the wee hours of the night. For my anything past 8pm is the wee hours of the night. 

My dad was the coolest! He liked rock music and watched scary movies. I will never forget the first time he let me watch one with him! Nightmare on Elm Street! I got to stay up late with him. I felt so grown up! Then that became our thing. We shared a love for scary movies and sometimes we’ll still watch them together. Now he watches them with his grandsons. We also share a love of John Wayne movies, and no one is cooler than the Duke! 

All my life, if something broke I called dad because he could fix it or tell me what to do or what the problem was. If something went wrong in my life and I needed help I called my dad because I always knew he would never let me down.

My dad has always been invincible. Nothing keeps him down. He has what we lovingly refer to as the “Lewis Grace.” If there is a hole, he’ll find it and fall down, but the amazing thing about the “Lewis Grace” is it never keeps you down for long.  He’s always rolled with it and came up kicking. So when he had to go in for emergency by-pass surgery I knew it wouldn’t keep him down for long. A week after his surgery and he’s out grilling. Over the last few weeks he’s had a couple set backs, but I figure it’s just another fall thanks to the “Lewis Grace” and he’ll be coming out swinging in no time, because nothing keeps my dad down. He’s one of the strongest men I know. He had to be to survive raising me…haha! 

I’d love to hear stories about the dads in your life. Comment below and share your stories! We’ll see you next time! 

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