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Hello, I’m Tisha from Enchanted 3 Boutique. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I am in search of the perfect gift for my husband, Mike. I always have a hard time finding something to get him. If he wants something he just buys it for himself. It’s so hard to shop for someone like that. Can anyone else relate? Do you have someone in your life that it’s just a challenge to find gifts to buy for them? I know, I’s not about spending money, give something from the heart. But let’s face it, people aren’t always sentimental. My husband is very much function over form, so he likes getting things he needs. So if you are struggling with gift giving this year, I want to help. With the help & expertise of some friends I have compiled the information you need to get your Valentine’s admiration. 

For the men in your lives check out these websites:

Mancrates has a variety of really unique gifts that the men in your life would appreciate. From bouquets of jerky to crates containing personalized whiskey decanters. The crates even come with their own crow bars. The gift cards come with tool kits to chisel them out. What man can’t appreciate having to work for what they want? 

If your man is a little more posh then Swanky Badger is the site for you. They offer personalized gifts like monogram wallets and watches to engraved flasks and shaving brush sets. 

 I have not forgotten about helping out all you fellas out there. Unfortunately, I don’t have a one size fits all website for you. What I do have is some advice. Odds are that the women in your life have already told you what they want, but are you listening? Women tell you what they want all of the time. Some are more subtle than others but they have let you know in some way. When she mentions she wants a diamond necklace or a brad nailer make note. Then when Valentine’s Day or any gift giving occasion rolls around, you’ll be a hero because not only did you get her something she wanted, but you also get credit for remembering that she mentioned it. 

Enchanted 3 Boutique is here to help with your gift giving needs. We offer unique one of a kind handcrafted live edge wood signs. They are absolutely stunning and would be great in any household. All of our wood signs have free shipping and some of them like the deer silhouette below is  part of our year end sale. You can get 30% off until midnight on January 31st. 

We also have handcrafted bath & body products in five signature scents that are sure to impress anyone. Our goat’s milk soap leaves you feeling soft and supple, our whipped body butters are like smoothing cashmere on your skin, and our sugar scrubs, which are 10% off on Sunday, January 31st, refresh and renew your body. Made with essential oils, these products rejuvenate the mind, body, & spirit. 

With two weeks until Valentine’s Day I hope this gift guide helped give you some inspiration. Please drop your thoughts, ideas, or inspirations in the comments below. We love to hear from you! Happy Shopping! 

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