The Importance of the Getaway

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Ever feel like you just need to relax and recharge after a long week of work? Don’t we all? There is nothing more recharging than taking a long weekend away. Whether it’s packing up the family for a camping trip, a romantic weekend in a fancy hotel with your sweetheart, or a weekend of wine and laughter with your friends, everyone needs to just let go and have a worry free weekend.

I take multiple weekend getaways every year, but the one trip we try to do is an annual mother/daughter girls trip with my mom, her best friend, and their daughters. My mom & her best friend Connie have been friends for 36 years. Over that time we have taken many family vacations together but it wasn’t until a few years ago that we started taking one weekend a year to get away with just the girls. No husbands or boyfriends, no kids, no work, no worries. Except maybe what we’re going to eat & drink for the weekend. 

You may notice one of our makers, Danielle, in the pictures of my girl trip weekends. That’s because she is Connie’s daughter. I’ve known her since she was born. It was actually her idea to start the business. She proposed it and Claire and I said yes and here we are. The other two women in the pictures are my sisters, Stacy & Dana. Now that you’ve met our cast of characters let’s talk about what we do and where we’ve been.

The idea of an annual girls trip came about after my bachelorette party weekend. We had so much fun. We rented an Airbnb in Northport, Michigan on the Leelanau Peninsula. We spent a day hitting up wineries, breweries, & distilleries in the area. Black Star Farms tasting rooms is always must & the Bloody Mary’s  at Northern Latitudes Distillery are amazing with their horseradish vodka.

The next year I suggested antiquing in Pierceton, Indiana. Everyone was skeptical because it wasn’t usually our scene  but after visiting places like Blue Pearl Antiques & Art Gallery and My Red Moon Curiosities and Collectables they were won over and even want to do something similar on one of our future trips.

Last year we decided to do a combination where we visited some wineries and some cute shops. Since Danielle and I had babies in the summer we wanted to stick closer to home, so we rented an Airbnb in Bellaire, Michigan. We went to Torch Lake Cellars  where I found a delectable peach cider. We also checked out Mammoth Distillery where you can sit and try any of the specialty cocktails that they have on the menu. The shops in Bellaire are so great! They have something for everyone!  The Little Treasures Toy & Gift store has some pretty unique toys & a collection of tea pots that are so cute! I couldn’t walk out of there without some goodies for my kids. The Spice & Tea Exchange of Bellaire has so many different kinds of teas & spices. The shop smelled so good! Bellaire is definitely one of those towns to visit more than once.

We are planning this year’s getaway now. It calls for another Airbnb this time in Hudsonville, Michigan. They are host to the Farmgirl Flea Market  with 150 vendors with vintage or handmade treasures. Hopefully it will be a good time. It’s always a gamble when you try something new, but that’s part of the adventure! 

I know that when I get back from one of these getaways, I am always happy to be home and it feels a little lighter getting up and going to work the next day.

We’ve even talked about talking a weekend and renting another Airbnb, but one with a pool. Then we can spend the week relaxing and sitting poolside. A trip like that definitely calls for some pampering, and what better way to pamper yourself than indulging in purchasing some of Enchanted 3 Boutiques’ bath & body products? Check out our Cocktail Hour Collection and indulge in shopping for your trip. They also make great gifts! 

What are your getaway adventures? Where have you gone, where do you want to go? Leave a comment and let us know.  



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  • One of my favorite getaways Drew and I had was in August 2020. We went to Alpena for 4 nights for our wedding anniversary. Neither one of us had been there, that we could remember, and the pictures and testimonials we found online were intriguing. We went to the Besser Museum, did a glass bottom boat tour of the shipwrecks in Thunder Bay, explored the Island Park and Wildlife Sanctuary and walked the boardwalk at the marina. We also checked out local shops and eateries and MOST importantly, the local ice cream shop! It’s where I discovered my love for lemon cheesecake ice cream!! We look forward to returning in the future!

    Melissa Zimmerman on

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