The Lesson Learned from Dads

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Hello, I’m Tisha with Enchanted 3 Boutique. As my kids get older I find myself reflecting on the lessons I want to teach them & the lessons I learned from my parents, especially my dad. Doesn’t it seem like dads have an endless supply of sage wisdom? Moms are all kissing scraped knees and cuddles and dads are hard lessons and I asked Claire & Danielle what they learned from their dads. 

Claire talks about inheriting the love of woodworking from her dad in her bio on our meet the maker page. He inspired her to start this business and really work hard to follow her love for live edge wood decor. 

Danielle lost her dad at a very young age but I knew him and although she might not remember, I think she got her passion for creating from him. He always had a project going and loved woodworking. Danielle even started her woodworking career using her dad’s old saw.

Danielle was lucky enough to have been raised by two great men. Her step-dad was a hard working man and he taught her what having a work ethic meant & that working hard pays off. 

My parents taught me the value of hard work & family, but my dad taught me how to fall with grace & get up again both figuratively & literally. If you know me or my dad, you know that if there is uneven ground in the vicinity we will find it & trip, but we also know how to dust ourselves off & keep rolling. My dad taught me that even if your teenage daughter thinks your old & not fast enough to catch her, she’s wrong! Boy, did I learn that lesson the hard way! He also taught me how to stand up for myself & what I needed to know to be independent. He tried to teach me to drive at least until I wrecked his truck. The most important thing he taught me was always make time for family. Work hard, but enjoy your time off by making memories. In the end that’s what we’ll have left, so take that vacation, jump in the car for the impromptu road trip, spend a long weekend camping. My most treasured memories are of those with my dad at the wheel! Now he is making the same memories with my kids and I am so grateful for that! 

 I know my husband is already teaching our son fearlessness, confidence, & independence. It terrifies me, but seeing our son with so much of his dad in him also makes me proud. 

What lessons did you learn from your dads? What are you or the dads in your lives teaching your kids? The women of Enchanted 3 Boutique would love to hear your stories & help you show the dads in your lives how much you appreciate them. Stop by our website for some Autumn Woods Nectar Goat’s Milk Soap which is 10% off Sunday, January 24th or pick up one of our great live edge wood signs, we have some great ones in our end of the year sale for 30% off, to show him how special he is to you! 


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