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Hi, I'm Tisha with Enchanted 3 Boutique. Are you at a loss for unique items to go in this year's Easter baskets? I've got you covered. I have been searching for cute and fun ideas for this year's baskets that will wow your family. 

If you search Pinterest, no doubt you will find some great ideas. I want to save you the trouble and weed out the cutest ones for you. Over the last few years, I have used some of these my self and not only are they practical and healthier than a ton of candy, they are also super cute!


I loved this idea so much last year I used it. Who doesn't need new rain gear for the rainy Spring season? In addition to the umbrella and rain boots I also included a spring jacket and then some fun spring time toys like bubbles, and garden tools and gloves. Its so neat that they make kid versions of adult gardening tools so they can "help" and get dirty because what kid doesn't love to dig in the dirt?

These are great ideas for kids of any ages, especially if you are taking a beach trip for Spring Break. This is my plan for this year. Grab a beach towel, add a swim suit and a couple summer outfits, some flip plops, sunglasses, and some beach toys and you will have a happy kid. Plus, you'll have to buy most of that stuff for summer, so by combining it into an Easter basket its saving you money. At least that's what I tell my husband...haha. 

These are some really cute and fun ideas. Its all about personalizing it to the recipient. Kids are definitely not all the same, right? They are going to be into different things and are usually different ages. Growing up, there was me and my two sisters. My parents were always great about making sure we didn't feel like one kid got more than the other, but they also made sure we received things that interested us. They now do the same thing for all the grandkids. So that's the rule of thumb I follow. I try to spend about the same on the same number of items, but I make sure it has a personal touch so both my kids are getting what they want and need. 

If you are looking for unique ideas for the adults in your life look no further. These are some great ideas and you can take them and make them your own by adding or changing items that fit your needs. 

Here at Enchanted 3 Boutique we have some great items that will help fill out your gift baskets this year. Check out the PS I Love You sign that would be a great addition to any basket as well as any of the many Live Edge Wood Home Décor that Claire makes. Don't forget about our signature skincare products that will fill out your baskets nicely. 

I hope you enjoyed my look into Easter Baskets. I'd love to hear about your Easter basket ideas. Comment below and tell us about them. 

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