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Hi, I'm Tisha with Enchanted 3 Boutique. Does anyone else have a hard time coming up with unique ideas for kid’s birthday parties? The last couple of years especially? Well I do. I want to share some of my favorite ideas with you. 



My kids are pretty young, three and 10 months, so we try to do small family gatherings for now. I love themed parties. I enjoy coordinating the decorations & the food, so I am always in search of the next theme.



My son, Declan's first birthday was a barnyard theme. To save on cost, I chose that because he had gotten a bunch of farm animal toys for Christmas, and I could use them for center pieces and other decorations. Since his birthday is in January, the toys did not have any ware on them. I served chili and cornbread, and of course a cupcake cake in the shape of a tractor. Declan wore jean bibs and a flannel shirt to top things off.



I did something similar for his 2nd birthday. By that time, he was obsessed with dinosaurs. For Christmas he got a ton of dinosaurs, so I used them as decorations and centerpieces. We made themed punch and food. We had pterodactyl  punch, brontosaurus [meat]balls, & Stegosaurus Sausage (lil’ smokies). The kids loved it because they could play with the center pieces.  



I also help plan my niece and nephew's birthdays, and since they are older we go on family adventures. We’ve gone camping, Michigan Adventures, the water park, the zoo, ORV trail riding, the aquarium, a various other attractions. The most recent event was my Niece’s 11th birthday. Since everything is still mostly closed down we decided to have a small family gathering. The theme was “Going to the Movies.” She had been wanting to see the new Disney movie, Raya & the Last Dragon, so we set up a projector & movie screen in the garage. We had a concession stand with a popcorn popper, soft pretzels, chips & nacho cheese, & boxes of assorted candy. The kids even had fake money they used to purchase their goodies. It was a huge hit, everyone wants another one soon. 

Our next party will be my daughter Devin’s first Birthday in June. I haven’t finalized plans yet but I am planning on doing an Under the Sea theme. Her favorite stuffed toys are Molly the Mermaid & Ollie the Octopus so I think she’ll love it & I will have a get time planning it! 

If your looking for gift ideas check out our PS I Love You Sign  or any of our other beautiful live edge wood signs . In honor of my niece, Mackenzie’s birthday I created a new scent, Mackenzie’s Strawberry Patch, and as part of her gift I gave her a bath set in that scent. She loved it! She said it made her feel grown up. We have 12 amazing scents in our Countryside Skincare line that anyone in your life will love. 

What parties themes have you tried or want to try? We’d love to hear about them so comment below and share your ideas! 



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